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   Guangzhou Pinyuan performance equipment co., LTD is a professional  design, manufacture, sales and leasing all kinds of performance  equipment manufacturers, has research and development design center,  production and sales center and equipment rental.The company is  located in China's economic glory over 30 years of reform and  opening-up, the most economically developed pearl river delta,  guangzhou , guangdong , beautiful scenery at the foot of baiyun mountain. 

   Main products are: aluminum alloy truss, lighting truss, stage, rhea, frame, aluminum alloy stage, stage, rack, space frame, frame, European awning room, simple stage pressure, air boxes, equipment boxes, standard chassis and irregular box etc.,specifications can be customized according to the different needs of customers and design ...[more]

Contact:Manager Jia

Mobile phone:18927535117




Address:NO.28th,Tenth lndustrial Zone,Shijing Town,Baiyun District,Guangzhou,China...[more]

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